Fast fault positioning, automatic fault diagnosis, positioning and warning of failures 


Easy operating, modular design making it easy to adjust gaps between module and cabinet


Front & rear availability, choose your desire maintenance and installation methods


Ultra brightness and great stable displaying performance for exterior scenarios

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Product Description

XS series are designed for fixed outdoor application scenarios with exclusive various customizations available,so far XS series have been widely applied in the exterior of world famous landmark buildings with different building structure and contours.

Product Features

Front or rear accessible, easy and convenient.

Multi-functional module buckle design-easily adjusting gaps between module and cabinet, ensuring smoothness and alignment of LED interface.

Real-time monitoring on operating status. Automatic fault diagnosis, positioning and warning of failures.

Independent connection between control board and modules. Single module failure not impacting others.

Self-developed calibration technology. Point-by-point calibration ensures LED display consistency.

Intelligent control and player system by cloud technology.Timely managing real-time information on operating status and potential fault.

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Technical Parameters

XS technical parameter


More of SANSI LED products' applications in its related scenarios, exclusive customizations with customers' specific requirements

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