Indoor XR staging and rental LED display that could be creatively designed and reassembled


Modular design that makes installation and operations easy 


Innovative curve lock system with the highest level of alignment accuracy


Application scenarios includes staging, outdoor advertising, exhibitions, corporate events...

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Product Description

VRII indoor rental LED display is designed for indoor scenarios of big events like exhinition show, car show, concerts,  conferences, corporate events and stage etc, to bring the best quality display effect with vivid true colors to your events.

Product Features

Modular Design & Fast Maintenance
Unique magnetic module design, easy to assemble and set up
Quick swappable power box design, maintain from the rear without tools needed

Innovative Curve Lock System
Providing the highest level of alignment accuracy
Adjustment range, cancave (max 150), canvex (max 150)

Multiple Installation Methods
Hanging & Stacking Installtion available, for both indoors and outdoors



What kind of LED products or service do you want ? Where are your projects ? If you are a Brand Distributor, Wholesaler, Retailer, Project Distributor or Developer; or just want to do Brand OEM, please leave us a message, we will have you a more accurate quotation in time.

Technical Parameters




More of SANSI LED products' applications in its related scenarios, exclusive customizations with customers' specific requirements

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