LED Mesh Display

Lighting die mesh: energy saving, P10-P200; Surface-mounted die strip: uniform light mixing, large coverage angle, P10-P200
Meet personalized customization needs
Fully glue fifilling process, outdoor protection grade up to IP66
Innovative aluminum profifile structure design, stable and reliable, good heat dissipation performance
Quick-plug wiring plug, which can realize group installation, convenient and quick installation
Dual communication loop backup, safe and stable
Adopt PWM chip, which can achieve high gray level and high refresh frequency
Wire rope protection design to prevent accidental fall during installation
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Product Description

LED Mesh Display is designed for landscape purposes that could be featured as decor in the exterior of buildings,etc; to have amazing lighting effect. LED itself makes it energy efficient and more economical in  a sense that it makes a great choice.

What kind of LED products or service do you want ? Where are your projects ? If you are a Brand Distributor, Wholesaler, Retailer, Project Distributor or Developer; or just want to do Brand OEM, please leave us a message, we will have you a more accurate quotation in time.

Technical Parameters

LED Mesh Display
Frontal Composition W12-SMD W12-DIP
Pixel Pitch(Customized) P15.625 P20 P20 P31.25 P50 P15.625 P20 P20 P31.25 P50
Pixel Composition 1SMD 1SMD 2SMD 2SMD 4SMD 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 3R2G2B 3R2G2B 3R2G2B
Brightness Configuration ≥3cd ≥3cd ≥6cd ≥6cd ≥12cd ≥6cd ≥6cd ≥12cd ≥12cd ≥12cd
Material aluminum aluminum
Weight 0.9kg/m 0.9kg/m
Gray Scale 16bit 16bit
Viewing Angle(V/H) 140°/140° 120°/60°
Color Temperature 3000-9500K(adjustable) 3000-9500K(adjustable)
Input Voltage DC4.5V / DC7.5V DC4.5V / DC7.5V
Unit Power Consumption 0.3W/pixel 0.3W/pixel 0.6W/pixel 0.6W/pixel 1.2W/pixel 0.3W/pixel 0.3W/pixel 0.6W/pixel 0.6W/pixel 0.6W/pixel
Maximum Power Consumption 10W/m 15W/m 24W/m 15W/m 24W/m 10W/m 15W/m 24W/m 15W/m 15W/m
Maximum Brightness 6000cd/㎡ 6000cd/㎡ 6000cd/㎡ 6000cd/㎡ 4800cd/㎡ 6000cd/㎡ 6000cd/㎡ 6000cd/㎡ 6000cd/㎡ 4800cd/㎡
IP Protection Level IP66 IP66
Operating Temperature -10~50℃ -10~50℃
Working Humidity 10~80%RH 10~80%RH


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