Voltage: AC 100~277V

Wattage: 60W/120W/240W

Certification: ETL, CE

Beam Angle: 90°, 120°

Applications: Hydroponic Greenhouses,Houseplants,Vegetable Tobacco.

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Product Introduction

SANSI C21FS-BE Full Spectrum LED grow light replicates natural sunlight, providing the full wavelength of light that is needed for the healthy growth of plants. C21FS-BE can improve the efficiency of photosynthesis and make plants grow faster and healthier.


Spectrum: Every chip mixes 400-800nm wavelength (including but not limited to red, blue ray) in order to output more uniform light of the same spectrum and intensity. Every part of plants receives uniform and balanced light under this LED grow light. 2 weeks make a difference. Plants know what they like.

Deformable design : Grow light can change the irradiation angle of the light, to give you a 360° angle and light up a larger area to fit for entire life cycle.

High PPFD: Average PPFD is 86.55 μmol/s/m² based on 11.81” above plants. Recommended to install the grow light 11.81”-39.37” above plants, lighting time 10-12 hrs.

Hollow housing and hollow bracket form a stable convective heat dissipation channel.


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Technical Parameters


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