LED Packaging Technology Introduction: COB Packaging


Currently, there are many mainstream packaging technologies for LED devices, among them COB packaging is a representative one which has been widely applied by most LED manufacturers. COB integrated light source is commonly adopted in commercial lighting due to its easier implementation of dimming, color adjustment, anti-glare, high brightness and other characteristics, which can effectively solve problems such as color difference and heat dissipation.


What is COB packaging technology?



COB stands for Chip-on-Board, which means that the chip is directly packaged on the substrate. In LED industry, COB packaging technology is a solution that integrates multiple LED chips on the same substrate, connects the chips and electrodes through gold wires, thereby achieving electrical connection of multiple LED chips. The metallic circuits on the substrate connect the positive and negative electrodes of the LED chips to form a circuit system, while also providing heat dissipation support.


The COB packaging technology has been widely applied in the fields including LED lighting, automotive lighting and backlight with its uniform lighting effect and reliable heat dissipation.




The advantages of COB packaging technology



High Luminous Efficacy: COB achieves a high-density arrangement of LED light sources, which improves the luminous efficiency and brightness of LEDs. The LED light source is more compact and uniform through this packaging method.


More Compact and Delicate: COB packaging technology integrates multiple LED chips on the same substrate to achieve a more compact packaging of LED light sources, which can adapt to smaller-size LED products.


More Reliable:The LED chips on the substrate can better disperse heat and minimize the aging and damage of the LED chips. The technology also adopts high-precision production processes and materials to make the connection between the LED chips and the substrate more secure, improving the reliability and lifespan of the LED lighting fixtures.


Sansi VEII MCOB series is a display product that uses a fully inverted microchip with a chip width of 50um. It has ultra-high resolution, fast response speed, and wide color gamut. It has characteristics such as waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, oxidation-proof, and shock-proof, and is easy to clean, effectively preventing accidental damage. It is more suitable for repeated installation, disassembly, and transportation, and has been applied in many high-end conference rooms, studios, and museum projects.

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